Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How to learn...programming languages? Or really any hands on skill.

Not by reading its book. No.

If you are learning a new programming language or framework (is that correct?) you should be doing step by step tutorials which focus on building a mini app or project. Like, a good starting point would be to make a 'hello world' app. Do not try to read the tomes which the scientists and scholars recommend you. That works for scientists and scholars. If you are an engineer or developer then you just cannot afford to waste weeks in reading volume after volume of books to learn a programming language. You need to learn the next best thing as quickly as possible and deliver quality software in time.

That said, books are good for references and of course if you are trying to build a new programming language then you need to do a lot of research but hey, as I said, thick tomes are good for researchers not for developers.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My Hub Intranet and Word Grabber

My hub intranet is a one stop place for all your intranet needs in your organization. Check them out here: myhubintranet.com


 Word grabber. This website has everything you need to think up and solve riddles related to words and wordplay. They have a word 'unscrambler' too. Check them out here: word-grabber.com

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Niara: Rebellion Of the King Demo and Trailer Released!

Very excited to write about the demo and trailer of the game. First off, find the trailer here and go watch for yourself.

Youtube trailer: Niara ROTK Demo Trailer

The soundtrack was Cosmic Home from Illusory Awakenings album made by solo band Illusion. My good friend Anish Gupta runs this band. Check out his instagram (here)

Illusion band Spotify page: Click here

His music is amazing and look how well it lines up with the game.

Here is the Google Play demo of the game: Niara ROTK Demo

The demo is short but it portrays all the main features of the game. These features are turn based battles, map exploration, picking up random objects if they are present in the map, and dialogues in visual novel style of course.

But the best thing? Check out these amazing drawings:

My drawing ain't that good so I got help from Serena, (check out here instagram: here). Her drawing is amazing as you can see. All the character art was done by her.

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Thank you for reading. Here is the cover art of the game:

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Setting up the environment took a lot of time.

It was very long before I was able to finally start writing the game from the beginning of the actual story. All this time I was just setting up mock-ups to set up and test the environment which was necessary to run the game.
But now some of you will say, Renpy already has everything set up and what not. It does, but I wanted the game to look and feel original and not just a derivative of the basic Renpy look. It does have a lot of those things still in the preferences menu but I have been able to modify most of it to make the game look original. This took a lot of time.

main game folder

images folder and many more modifications were made to the basic environment

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Development of Niara: Rebellion Of the King

Right now at Redseed we are working on our new video game project called Niara: Rebellion Of the King. This game will be a visual novel RPG and will be released on Google Play Store in April 2019.

The progress in the development of the game has been good. We have completed the development of the dialogues, the quest system, inventory system, map system and the battle system. We need to start working on the shop system and then start creating the content for the game. This content will include the story which the game will follow as well as the different quests which the player will need to finish. We are developing this game in Renpy.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Open source development tools in schools

With Adobe and Autodesk completely shifting their models to a subscription based service the software products which they offer are getting more and more expensive to use in the long run.
There are open source alternatives to most of the software products which they offer and which provide similar functionality for free.
However, in schools and universities the students are taught the use of proprietary software products which cost a fortune to buy even if they are a one time purchase. When a small company (such as us) hire these students we find it difficult to buy the licenses of the software they are used to or teach them the use of open source software.
Blender Logo (Open Source 3D modeling and animation software). Try it, you will love it.

This hinders our ability to produce content. With open source software products offering similar capabilities as paid products one may wonder why schools and universities are so insistent on using the proprietary products for teaching. The schools and universities don't even buy the licenses for those products and simply pirate them. The companies know about this and they don't bother. (Autodesk even provides some software for free for students) These companies know that the professionals which the university/school will be building will go out into companies and only be able to work at their utmost efficiency using their product. This approach only hurts the small businesses.
Inkscape Logo (Open Source Vector Drawing Software)
So, if people who coordinate the education programs in schools and universities are reading this then please try to make a switch from proprietary giants to humble open source software products. I will tell you how to google that, just type "open source alternative to 'proprietary software name'"
Type in Google: Open source alternative to Adobe Flash
Type in Google: Open source alternatives to Autodesk Maya

And you will see many results. These software products are open source, free and you will never have to live in fear of a task force arriving at your school/university looking for pirated software products and you will help the small businesses grow as well as be able to participate in the development of these software products.
One thing which should be noted about the open software products is that they have a very good ability to include plugins in them which the proprietary software products also offer but...for money. Their plugins are also costly.

this is from Rick And Morty
Small company guys and girls may have enjoyed this post. Big company guys and girls...not so much.

King Meino

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