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Niara: Rebellion Of the King Demo and Trailer Released!

Very excited to write about the demo and trailer of the game. First off, find the trailer here and go watch for yourself. Youtube trailer: Niara ROTK Demo Trailer The soundtrack was Cosmic Home from Illusory Awakenings album made by solo band Illusion. My good friend Anish Gupta runs this band. Check out his instagram ( here ) Illusion band Spotify page: Click here His music is amazing and look how well it lines up with the game. Here is the Google Play demo of the game: Niara ROTK Demo The demo is short but it portrays all the main features of the game. These features are turn based battles, map exploration, picking up random objects if they are present in the map, and dialogues in visual novel style of course. But the best thing? Check out these amazing drawings: My drawing ain't that good so I got help from Serena, (check out here instagram: here ). Her drawing is amazing as you can see. All the character art was done by her. If you are interested in

Setting up the environment took a lot of time.

It was very long before I was able to finally start writing the game from the beginning of the actual story. All this time I was just setting up mock-ups to set up and test the environment which was necessary to run the game. But now some of you will say, Renpy already has everything set up and what not. It does, but I wanted the game to look and feel original and not just a derivative of the basic Renpy look. It does have a lot of those things still in the preferences menu but I have been able to modify most of it to make the game look original. This took a lot of time. main game folder images folder and many more modifications were made to the basic environment Follow us on: