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Niara: ROTK Devlog | How to choose the right game engine?

When you are trying to make a video game then you must almost always go with a game engine. Sure there are graphic libraries for most of the popular programming languages in the world but making a game which will sell well in today's day and age using just a graphics library is nearly impossible. Python has pygame library, C has SDL but making a game using just these libraries is a nightmare. We must always go for an engine. Game engines make our lives easier and we are able to build the games faster. Now, before you choose a game engine for your game you have to decide what type of game you want to make. This we have discussed in our previous article which you can read here: Niara: ROTK Devlog | What type of video game should you make? We decided to make a visual novel role playing game in Renpy. And we decided to go with 2D graphics. This was because we are a very small indie game studio. If you are also a small indie game studio or you are just starting out then you

Niara: ROTK Devlog | What type of video game should you make?

The whole point of us making video games was to portray stories to the people in an engaging medium. Video games are one of the most engaging mediums using which one can portray a story very effectively. However, there are video game genres which are not very suitable for telling stories. These can be casual games or puzzle games. We really avoided these genres from the get go because we knew portraying a deep and intricate story using a puzzle game was next to impossible. But then again, there maybe exceptions out there. We decided that we needed to make this game an RPG. RPG (Role Playing Games) are one of the most popular game genres out there and they have been used by several studios across the world to portray very deep and intricate stories. Some of the very famous examples being The Elder Scrolls and the Witcher series. However, we are a very very small game studio. So, no way we would have been able to pull off a Witcher level video game. We knew our limits and t

Gaming community is savvy and supportive

Gamers are one of the savviest people out there. The gaming community is smart and doesn't tolerate exploitative practices by corporations. They support each other as well. The gaming community is quick to sniff out when a corporation is starting to take them for granted and start exploiting them by providing them bad products or services. No corporation can sell bad products or services to the gaming community. We have seen many examples of companies trying to do that and losing their image in the community. The latest and one of the most popular examples of such a company is Blizzard. Blizzard announced the latest Diablo game exclusively for mobile phones and this made all the loyal fans angry. This is because the mobile gaming market is full of shovel wares and games on mobile are only made for milking the unaware public. This is because mobile gamers are not as savvy as the PC or console gamers. They tend to give in to exploitative practices of the corporations. The mobile g