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Niara: ROTK Devlog | Sticking with high quality

Sometimes sticking with creating absolutely high quality content is hard. This is especially true when you are an indie game studio or are just starting out. You have no social proof, no recognition out there, no money and you are starting out with a completely new IP. You may wonder sometimes that your game will probably go unnoticed and not be played by many people (especially if it's a paid game). And then you will start to think, that hey, why should I work my ass off to make extremely high quality content when nobody is going to play it? This is where you should stop and take a little break from the game. It is never okay to develop a low quality game. Never! If you are feeling low then stay away from your game for a while. Make it late, but make it good. Yes, maybe people will not play your entirely new IP right away but if you make it high quality and promote it enough then they will start to notice it. Nobody is going to stick with your game other than yourself. H

Niara: ROTK Devlog | How to get art and music assets?

When we were working on Niara: Rebellion Of the King our biggest worry were assets. Sure, we can choose the best genre, the best engine, but where will we get the assets from? Niara being a visual novel RPG required high quality art and music assets. We could only program and making high quality art and music assets was out of our abilities. So, what should we do when we face such situation? Should we switch to pixel art? Let me tell you something very important here, good quality pixel art takes more time to make than regular art. Yes, this is true. You may make average quality pixel art in less time than you may make regular art but if you want high quality pixel art then it takes a lot more time than regular art. We also did not have any talent in music. And just making repetitive 8 bit music was NOT a good idea for a game that focuses mainly on the story. So, we had to get good quality music and it HAD to be original. So what did we do? We fetched for help from our frie