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Niara: ROTK Devlog | Releasing the game

Press this button to listen to this blog instead of reading it:   When you have finished making your game while constantly focusing on high quality then releasing it is really not a very big deal. In fact releasing the game is one of the easiest steps. However, marketing the game is difficult. We should never confuse launching with marketing. You can launch the game however you want but actually getting people to buy and play your game is the most difficult task in the whole cycle of developing the game. Yes, that is right. Marketing the game is more difficult than making it. We will talk about marketing later. Here we are going to talk about how we released the game, which platforms we chose and how you can release your game too. When we had finished developing Niara: ROTK then we wanted to release both mobile and PC versions of it. Since Renpy could easily port the game to both mobile and PC it was really easy for us to generate the packages for uploading to the respect