Kori's Fable Full Version Release

We have released the full version of Kori's Fable Visual Novel. It took us 2 and a half years to develop this visual novel and we are happy to present it to you finally. We were planning to publish this VN way before but life got in the way. Oh well, did life get in the way or was it the circumstances? Anyway, please enjoy this visual novel. It is a playable software but in the end its a novel. And you will have to read a lot. If you are fond of reading and looking at pictures and listening to music at the same time then you will enjoy this work.  It is not an adventure game so please don't bother with it if you are looking for an adventure or arcade game. It is a novel so there is a lot of reading. We are clarifying this point because there have been some instances when people have downvoted and dismissed our work because it did not have arcade or platformer elements in it. You can get the game here: Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.r

Niara: ROTK Devlog | Releasing the game

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When you have finished making your game while constantly focusing on high quality then releasing it is really not a very big deal. In fact releasing the game is one of the easiest steps. However, marketing the game is difficult. We should never confuse launching with marketing. You can launch the game however you want but actually getting people to buy and play your game is the most difficult task in the whole cycle of developing the game. Yes, that is right. Marketing the game is more difficult than making it. We will talk about marketing later. Here we are going to talk about how we released the game, which platforms we chose and how you can release your game too.

When we had finished developing Niara: ROTK then we wanted to release both mobile and PC versions of it. Since Renpy could easily port the game to both mobile and PC it was really easy for us to generate the packages for uploading to the respective stores. This is why it is so important to choose an engine that can port the game to multiple platforms with a single click. For the mobile version we decided that we will publish it to the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Let me slip in a little note about Amazon App Store...it doesn't perform well. But, its free to put up an app there so you have got nothing to lose. So we put our game up on both these mobile gaming platforms and designed the page really well. This is an important step. You must always take your time and do your best in designing your game store page. This is obvious right? And you should always have a good trailer video showing the game play of your game.

After this we generated the packages for deploying to PC gaming marketplaces. Now, when it comes to publishing games for PC, Steam should be your go to marketplace. It costs $100 to put a game on Steam but it is a one time payment and if your game makes sales of more than $1000 then your same $100 will be available to you to host another game. This is a really good thing but for this to happen you will need to make a really good game and market it really well. Second place to put your game on is itch.io. Let me be honest here, itch.io will most probably not make even a single sale if you are new in the industry but just put it there for the sake of it. Also, putting games on itch.io is free.

So, these are the places where we put our games. Another thing which you should keep in mind is the ease of delivery of the game. By this I primarily mean the size of the game. If your game doesn't have a lot of content or a really long play time then it should be reflected in the size of the game. A puzzle game with repetitive elements should not take up several GBs. Similarly, a game featuring several hours of playtime can take up several GBs but it is always advised to optimize the size of the game as much as possible. Many people in the world have data caps on their internet plans and believe it or not they can make a buying decision based on how big your game is. If the game is too big for them to download then they will not buy it even if they like it. So, be careful with the ease of delivery of your game.

That's how we released our game and these are the points which we focused on while doing it. I hope this will help you in releasing your own game too. Thank you for reading.

Get the full game here ($14.99):
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.redseed.niararotk

Visit our website: Redseed Game Studio

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