Kori's Fable Full Version Release

We have released the full version of Kori's Fable Visual Novel. It took us 2 and a half years to develop this visual novel and we are happy to present it to you finally. We were planning to publish this VN way before but life got in the way. Oh well, did life get in the way or was it the circumstances? Anyway, please enjoy this visual novel. It is a playable software but in the end its a novel. And you will have to read a lot. If you are fond of reading and looking at pictures and listening to music at the same time then you will enjoy this work.  It is not an adventure game so please don't bother with it if you are looking for an adventure or arcade game. It is a novel so there is a lot of reading. We are clarifying this point because there have been some instances when people have downvoted and dismissed our work because it did not have arcade or platformer elements in it. You can get the game here: Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.r

How to learn...programming languages? Or really any hands on skill.

Not by reading its book. No.

If you are learning a new programming language or framework (is that correct?) you should be doing step by step tutorials which focus on building a mini app or project. Like, a good starting point would be to make a 'hello world' app. Do not try to read the tomes which the scientists and scholars recommend you. That works for scientists and scholars. If you are an engineer or developer then you just cannot afford to waste weeks in reading volume after volume of books to learn a programming language. You need to learn the next best thing as quickly as possible and deliver quality software in time.

That said, books are good for references and of course if you are trying to build a new programming language then you need to do a lot of research but hey, as I said, thick tomes are good for researchers not for developers.

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