Gaming community is savvy and supportive

Gamers are one of the savviest people out there. The gaming community is smart and doesn't tolerate exploitative practices by corporations. They support each other as well. The gaming community is quick to sniff out when a corporation is starting to take them for granted and start exploiting them by providing them bad products or services. No corporation can sell bad products or services to the gaming community. We have seen many examples of companies trying to do that and losing their image in the community. The latest and one of the most popular examples of such a company is Blizzard. Blizzard announced the latest Diablo game exclusively for mobile phones and this made all the loyal fans angry. This is because the mobile gaming market is full of shovel wares and games on mobile are only made for milking the unaware public. This is because mobile gamers are not as savvy as the PC or console gamers. They tend to give in to exploitative practices of the corporations. The mobile games are given away for free and then they put microtransactions and many other exploitative pay walls inside the game and take advantage of the unaware crowd.

Sony Playstation Controller. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

The other example of a company losing its image is Bethesda. They sold Fallout 76 for full price and then put microtransactions and loot boxes in the game. The game has no NPC and is effectively just a multiplayer version of Fallout 4. Let me put emphasis on the fact that the multiplayer gaming community is not as savvy and supportive as the single player community.

Exploitation is running rampant in the gaming industry but the good thing is that the corporations who are doing this are losing their image in front of their loyal fans and hence losing a lot of sales. However, we must keep making people on the mobile market aware that the games which are being pumped into the app store are there with one sole purpose, milking. There are very few games on the mobile market that provide a complete and fulfilling experience. There are very few games on the mobile market that are complete and standalone and are able to entertain you for a few good hours and give you a satisfying ending as well.


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