Kori's Fable Full Version Release

We have released the full version of Kori's Fable Visual Novel. It took us 2 and a half years to develop this visual novel and we are happy to present it to you finally. We were planning to publish this VN way before but life got in the way. Oh well, did life get in the way or was it the circumstances? Anyway, please enjoy this visual novel. It is a playable software but in the end its a novel. And you will have to read a lot. If you are fond of reading and looking at pictures and listening to music at the same time then you will enjoy this work.  It is not an adventure game so please don't bother with it if you are looking for an adventure or arcade game. It is a novel so there is a lot of reading. We are clarifying this point because there have been some instances when people have downvoted and dismissed our work because it did not have arcade or platformer elements in it. You can get the game here: Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.r

Kori's Fable demo version has been released


We have released the demo version of our latest game Kori's Fable on Itch.io and Google Play. At the time of writing this article only Hindi version of the game is available on Google Play and both English and Hindi versions are available at Itch.io.

You can download the demo free of cost and try it out.

Itch.io: https://redseedgames.itch.io/koris-fable

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.redseed.korisfablehindi

The story in the game is far from complete. We have started planning the storyline after the demo. 

It was difficult to decide the mechanics of the game. We went with simple choice based mechanic which will enable players to experience the story differently based on their choices. We were planning to include a map and free roam feature in the game but that would have broken our time budget (The amount of time we would have had to spend making this game). We also thought that the map and free roam system will make the game more complicated to play and players are simply not willing to learn a totally new, indie game if it involves even a minor level of complexity. We also wanted to target old demographics with this game so it was important that we kept the complexity at a minimum level.

We hope that you enjoy the demo or the memes and posts that follow its release on our social media handles. All feedbacks are welcome. You can post them anywhere on our social media handles or in the comment section of this article or the store fronts you downloaded the game from.

Thank you for reading. :)

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